Summary Of Scholarships

Academic scholarships are retained until the end of Year 11, providing the student continues to show the attributes of a scholar. Talent scholarships (sport, art & design) are retained until the end of Year 11, providing the student continues to show the attributes of a scholar in the relevant discipline. The School may also be able to offer bursarial assistance in addition to any scholarship award.

Each scholarship is worth £1000. Points at which scholarships are offered are Years 7-10.

Candidates can apply for more than one scholarship.

For details on how to apply, please contact the School office.

  • 3 academic scholarships;
  • 1 boy’s Sports Scholarship;
  • 1 girl’s Sports Scholarship;


Each scholarship is awarded on the basis of performance in the entrance examination and the evidence contained within the student’s school report. Academic scholarships are retained until the end of Year 11, providing the student continues to show the attributes of a scholar.

Sports Scholarship

A Sports Scholar is expected to show outstanding sporting ability, relative to their age, which is reflected in a genuine enthusiasm and a consistency of effort. Sports scholarships are retained until the end of Year 11 providing the student continues to contribute to at least two terms of sport as well as showing a commitment to training and matches. At all entry levels, prior to the assessment, also receive from the potential Sports Scholar’s present teacher or coaches a written report on his or her talent, commitment and approach to sport. Any additional information and references from external clubs should also be submitted. In addition to an interview between our Head of Education and prospective candidates, our Head of Education may wish to visit the child’s current school to observe him/her in sporting situations. Scholarships can be withdrawn at any time if candidates who have been made an award fail to continue to fulfil their commitments to the sports programme within the School.

A practical assessment will also be required, observed by various members of the PE Department. On the evidence of this test, the award of the scholarship will either be confirmed or declined.

The School reserves the right to withdraw any such award if it emerges that the student has not made a bona fide application.


A limited amount of bursarial assistance is available to encourage the inclusion of children, from all sections of society, whose parents feel that they can share in and benefit from the ideals and environment of the School.

Such assistance is usually offered to children joining in Year 7 and above.

To apply, you need to complete the Statement of Financial Circumstances form available from the Registrar’s Department. This is to be completed and returned at the same time as the application to join the School is made.

Subject to meeting the School’s standard entrance assessments, bursarial applications are assessed by the Head of Education and the Proprietor, for approval.

In order to give meaningful assistance to as many students as possible, bursaries would not normally be awarded at a level greater than 30% of the full fee.

The awards are reviewed annually.


If a bursary is awarded, it is tenable for twelve months; normally it will be re-awarded if there has been no significant change in the family’s financial circumstances. Therefore, the annual review of the family’s financial position may lead either to the bursary being renewed on the same terms or, if the financial situation has changed significantly, to it being decreased or (funds permitting) increased. In addition, the School reserves the right to withdraw a bursary should a pupil’s conduct or work prove unsatisfactory and there is evidence that he or she is not making the most of the opportunities provided by the School.

We encourage families who feel that they may require the support of a bursary in order to send their son or daughter to the School, to discuss the matter with the School well in advance of the entrance assessments. In some cases the School may recommend that a pupil be entered for consideration of a scholarship as an alternative method of possibly helping a family to afford the fees.