Important times in the school day

Please see the Typical Day at St Crispin’s for a standard day’s timings
In certain circumstances children may leave early with written prior agreement in order to catch buses, trains or attend other agreed activities.


There are four houses: DeMontfort, Wyggeston, Newton and White.

Competitions are held throughout the curriculum whether sporting or academic. This promotes healthy competition and team work.
Siblings where possible are placed in the same house. The house system allows for house merits to be collected for good conduct, academic work and sporting prowess. The child with the most merits in the winning house at the end of the academic year collects the house merit cup at prize giving.


Years 1 – 4 have daily homework; if they stay for aftercare this will be completed at school. Children staying until 5.10pm will normally have completed their homework, under supervision at school; private reading should be continued on a daily basis at home. Years 5 – 9 could expect one piece of weekend homework. Children in Years 10 and 11 can expect one piece of homework set per GCSE, subject per week.

Parents’ Evenings & Reports

Parents’ Evenings are held annually but the HeadMaster and staff are able to see parents at other times by appointment, or at the end of the day to discuss matters of a more immediate nature. Reports are issued twice yearly at the end of the Autumn Term and the end of the Summer Term. These include the individual targets that your child has been set in each subject; these targets are monitored the following term on a monthly basis by staff and form the basis of our Individual Learning Plans (IEP)


Lunch is supervised by staff in the dining area. All children are requested to bring a healthy packed lunch to school and no sweets, fizzy drinks or nuts are allowed; children are encouraged to bring hot food in flasks in winter. Milk and biscuits are available at morning break and squash and biscuits at the afternoon break. Filtered water is available throughout the day. St Crispin’s School aims to be a whole school nut free zone.